Is JP Markets The Best Forex Broker In South Africa?

How JP Markets Compares To Other Brokers

If you are a forex trader from South Africa you may be interested to know how JP Markets compares to the large global forex brokers. Is JP Markets a top rated broker or is it just a local broker that lacks the quality of major international brokers?

JP Markets is NOT among the highest rated brokers in the world. The truth is, JP Markets is rated as a Tier 4 broker, so it is far from being one of the leading global brokers in terms of customer satisfaction and trading conditions.

Our rating of forex brokers is comprised of five tiers:

Tier 1 - A score between 80 and 100

Tier 2 - A score between 60 and 79

Tier 3 - A score between 40 and 59

Tier 4 - A score between 20 and 39

Tier 5 - A score between 1 and 19

According to our rating criteria, JP Markets has a score of 33 and is classified as a Tier 4 broker.

Best Forex Brokers In The World

Fortunately for South Africans, all the leading forex brokers accept traders from South Africa, so you don't have to settle with a local broker like JP Markets. You should choose to trade with one of the best forex brokers in the world, so you can take advantage of the best trading conditions anyone can find. Below is the ranking of the top 10 forex brokers with their corresponding rating score:

1. Pepperstone   96
2. Ava Trade   94
3. XM Forex   93
4. Pax Forex   92
5. Forex Time   91
6. Hotforex   88
7. IC Markets   86
8. Roboforex   84
9. Vantage FX   81
10. BD Swiss   79

You can click on a broker's logo to visit its website.

JP Markets Details

Jp Markets South Africa

JP Markets Homepage:

JP Markets Login:

JP Markets MT4 Platform Download for PC: Click Here

Demo Account: YES

Real Account Minimum Deposit: No Minimum

Rating: 33 (Tier 4)

Forex Brokers Tiers (Full List)

Below you will find the major forex brokers ranked under five tiers, from best (Tier 1) to worst (Tier 5):

What does each tier represent? See below:

Tier 1 - The best of the best. Why settle for less?

Tier 2 - Good, reliable and honest. Good enough for most traders.

Tier 3 - Decent brokers, but nothing special about them.

Tier 4 - Poor quality brokers. Can give you headaches if you use them.

Tier 5 - Suspicious. Better to avoid, as there are plenty of safer options.

Since there are several high tier brokers, we think it is not worth the risk working with a lower tier one. While low tier brokers can also offer decent services, you will generally find much better conditions with those that are high rated.

We hope that our comparison will prove useful, and we wish you good luck in your trading activities.

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