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Forex Broker Comparison
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Forex Brokers Affiliates - Best Forex Affiliate programs

If you want to be affiliated with a forex broker and make profits by promoting forex, you can check out our list with the most profitable forex affiliate programs. Forex affiliation is one of the best ways to earn money from your website, but you can make money as a forex affiliate even if you are not a webmaster.
Find below a list with the best forex brokers affiliate programs:
forex brokers affiliate programs
Etoro Partners is the leading social trading affiliate program promoting the eToro platform. You can earn revenue share commission of 25% (a share of the revenue generated by your traders) or CPA (a one time amount for every real money trader) from $100 to $200 for each trader.
forex brokers affiliate programs
Ava Partner is the affiliate program of the forex broker Ava Trade. By promoting Ava FX and referring real money traders to the broker you can earn CPA commissions of up to $200 or revenue share commission of 1 pip from each lot traded by your customers.
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